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Launch of The Ideas Factory

The Ideas Factory is a new initiative by Cornwall VSF which will give charities and social enterprises in Cornwall the opportunity to create and develop innovative new services with help and guidance from experienced colleagues. If this new venture excites you, then come along to our free launch event on Thursday 27th March 2014 from 9:30am – 12:45pm at Heartlands.

Featuring key speakers:

Chris Hines – Chris is a highly respected communicator and driver of positive change. He was founder and director of Surfers Against Sewage for 10 years, Sustainability Director at Eden Project for 6 years and is now Director of A Grain of Sand, an initiative working to help inspire, catalyse and drive positive change in a range of areas.

Crowdfunder Cornwall – How to get your idea funded

How The Engine Room can support Social Enterprises

Outset Cornwall - How to pull together a good business plan (workshop)

Big Lottery Fund – will be discussing the new ‘Power to Change’ initiative which will invest up to £150 million to support the development of sustainable community-led enterprises across England.

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Falmouth Aquarium Events

Falmouth Aquarium, in collaboration with the University of Exeter, will be hosting a series of talks from January until May for the community which will see lead researchers in their field discussing topical issues.

March 19th: Fish decline and food security – Are Marine Protected Areas the answer? Dr Kirsten Abernethy, Lecturer in Environmental Social Science, University of Exeter, will discuss the complex and controversial issues that arise from community based management of fisheries, and her work in Africa and Asia.

March 26th: Why we aren't more resistant to disease, and how pathogen evolution is both our friend and our enemy. Dr Britt Koskella, Evolutionary Biologist with the University of Exeter will be discussing how we can Figure out disease - every organism on earth is plagued by disease – so why haven’t they evolved to become resistant?

May 7th: Transforming our energy demand towards a more sustainable future Dr Shane Fudge, Lecturer in Energy Policy, University of Exeter will be discussing how we can improve our own individual energy usage, and what affects our change in behaviour? Dr. Fudge has been involved in a variety of projects looking the relationship between technology and behavioural practices around household energy use.

May 14th: Scientists discover what’s killing the bees and it’s worse than you thought; Professor Juliet Osborne, Chair in Applied Ecology discusses her research on how insects and plants interact within the environment, and their role in the provision of ecosystem services. Her work includes the study of pollination and pest regulation in crops. She works closely with beekeepers and conservation organisations.

May 21st: Survival of the sexiest - a look at reproductive fitness Dr Michelle Taylor, University of Exeter, will be discussing the evolution of genital morphology, the economics of sexually selected fitness, including female mating preferences, polyandry, and male investment in sexual attractiveness and sperm competition.

May 28th: Nasty or nice - it's all in your hormones Why are some animals selfish when others choose to cooperate? D Jenni Sanderson, University of Exeter, discusses how hormones can predict cooperative behaviour in animal societies.

Please be aware that the dates may be subject to change, so keep updated through their website, on or through Facebook.